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Need your help- Letter of support for Pastor Hebert Mallqui

New deadline is March 7th. Contact Pastor Melinda for sample letter if needed.

Dearest friends,

Pastor Hebert Mallqui, the pastor of Iglesia Cristiana (Discípulos de Cristo) Getsemaní needs our assistance. He has been working on his immigration status for several years. Many years ago his visa expired, he actively engaged in trying to resolve the matter. When his daughter Carmen was born with a heart defect and Down Syndrome, they applied for deferred action and was granted the status. Deferred action is a temporary promise from the immigration agency that someone is not a priority for deportation. They were granted deferred action in 2016 and also received work permits to be able to work legally. The deferred action expired December 2, 2018. They applied to renew their deferred action last fall. They just received notice that their renewal has been denied. Under the current administration, most deferred action and other types of discretionary relief are being denied.

The denial letter informs them that they have 33 days to leave the U.S. However, they do not yet have a removal (deportation) order, so ICE cannot remove them from the U.S. If ICE decides that they want to deport Pastor Mallqui and his wife, they have to issue a Notice to Appear to begin the immigration court process. Pastor Mallqui and his wife would have a chance to appear before an immigration judge in court to defend themselves from deportation. They likely qualify for "Cancellation of Removal," which is a defense against deportation and leads to permanent residence (a green card).

I have attached a letter of support for Pastor Mallqui and his family to request that they are allowed to remain in the United States. Please send a letter or use the sample letter attached. This letter must be sent to Pastor Hebert Mallqui’s address ( 110 Hamm St. Valdosta, GA 31602) so that he can take them to his immigration lawyer; if possible please have the letter notarized by Wed February 27, 2019. We are thanking you and your congregation for support. Take good care.

Rev. Denise

Rev. Denise Bell
Regional Minister and President,
Christian Church in Georgia
2370 Vineville Ave
Macon, Georgia 31204
Office (478) 743-8946

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