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Joys & Concerns

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Church Family Concerns & Joys

  • Chris K is doing better since the spider bite.
  • Bruce J raised praise for God’s travel mercies. He and Karla returned safely from the California trip. Kameron was in a serious car accident but is mending well.
  • Bruce also reported that health issues have arisen for daughter Emma’s mother.
  • Anna H’s friend, Sadie S, is recovering from a car wreck.
  • Roger, the brother of Jeanie M’s best friend, has Alzheimer’s and is now in hospice care. Jeanie’s joy this week is the first birthday of her great granddaughter.
  • Remember the Watkinsville church and the family of Melissa S, for whom we have been praying. Melissa passed after a battle with brain cancer.
  • Bon Voyage! The EMs will visit Gabriel over Thanksgiving in France, where he is completing a semester abroad. Pray for Al’s well-being in their absence, travel blessings, and a joyous reunion!
  • Remember especially the Texas church which suffered horribly from a rampaging gunman last week. Continue to pray for all those impacted by the recent wave of violence and environmental catastrophes.

Church Family News

  • Choir will practice immediately after worship this Sun, Nov 19.
  • Tom Balog, Executive Director of the Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry will be bringing us an update on the Co-op and the message from the pulpit on Sunday Nov 26.


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  • The next Leadership Council meeting this Sunday, December 10, at 6:00 p.m.